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WebSabaki in Hungary

Concerning its activites with Hungary, the WebSabaki company offers services with the company YourOSoft. This company, also founded by Julien Thomas, focuses on analyzing, developing and managing business software for the Hungarian market. more information.

The WebSabaki company was founded in January 2011 in Laval, France. It is directed by Julien Thomas, a computer engineer graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Rennes in 2007 and in possession of a PhD in computer security.

The WebSabaki company aims to provide innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers, whether companies or individuals. We focus our activities in the field of web, given the flexibility provided by this support.

To ensure optimum quality, the WebSabaki company responds quickly and accurately to your needs, and propose solutions adapted to them. To ensure quality work, we also strive to implement secure solutions and optimized.

For more information or any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of our works

Development of the UFE Hongrie website.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL and Drupal.
Drupal Project for the UFE Hongrie project, patissier chocolatier.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Drupal et JavaScript/jQuery., for the Endemic KFT company
Development of the YourOHome project, simplify the business of your real estate agency.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL and JavaScript/jQuery.
YourOHome, in partnership with Walter Real Estate
Development of the e-commerce

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Drupal Commerce and JavaScript/jQuery., in partnership with Endemic KFT
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